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      BLOG — greek mythology

      The Next Dimension with Theseus

      The Next Dimension with Theseus

      Theseus was born on the East coast but now resides in the West, and we are very excited to be on board for their latest drop 'Smileboros'

      Consisting of a crew in classic grey marl and crisp white tee both poppin with purple graphics front and back 'Smileboros' will be available from July 29th at Concrete Jungle in store or Online here



      'Theseus, in Greek mythology, was the King of Athens and son of the gods. He was asked to enter the labyrinth and kill the Minotaur.  He was able to, due to his skills in combat and brute strength, but he still needed to find his way out. His wife, Ariadne had given him a length of twine to help him retrace his steps and exit the labyrinth; without her help, he would have died in the labyrinth. This is where the real inspiration from my brand comes from. That none of us are as strong as all of us. Put simply, in the immortal words of Rick James, it’s about “UNITYYYY”.' - Greg (founder)