First introduced into the Adidas line in 1966 the Adidas Gazelle is a shoe that has stood the test of time. Reincarnated generation after generation its timeless simplicity is as relevant today as it has ever been. 
This season sees the re-release of the iconic Gazelle 91. Following in the footsteps of the Adidas Superstar and Stan Smith revival, the Gazelle 91 is set to be the Adidas Originals must-have for the foreseeable future. 
In the 70's icons such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Michael Jackson in his Jackson 5 days were regularly photographed rocking Adidas Gazelles.
In the 80's the Gazelle was uniform for football casual culture in the UK and the emerging B-Boy scene in New York and beyond. The bright colour ways and plush suedes ushering a new era of sneaker that transcended culture.
Come the early 90s, the west coast skate scene had picked up on the Gazelle but the real explosion was yet to come with the Brit pop scene in the UK introducing a whole new army of fans to the silhouette. Oasis, Blur and the 'cool Britannia' set such as Kate Moss making the Gazelle 91 a staple part their wardrobe. 
The 90s version was chosen as the 2016 retro for its cultural impact during that decade. Crafted meticulously with the same materials, colours, textures and proportions as the original 91 release, the Adidas Gazelle is back in front of a modern audience.
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04 September 2016